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Elk Point Drilling Corp is a third-generation, family-owned company that offers quality drilling services to residential and commercial customers. We have listed some links that you may find useful:

   Alberta Water Well Drilling Association

Saskatchewan Ground Water Association

Alberta Agriculture

   Manage water well better

   Safeguard from contamination

   Water softening

   Other resources

Alberta Environment, groundwater

    • How your well works?
    • Water wells that last
    • Well workshops
    • Other resources
 Well owners website (USA)
    • This website has many good articles on maintaining water wells and other groundwater information. Please note that all regulations cited on this website are in the USA.

Various Alberta programs and grants:

     Alberta irrigation efficiency program

    • Assist producers with purchase of energy-efficient, low-pressure centre pivot irrigation equipment or upgrading the existing high-pressure pivot irrigation equipment

    Irrigation management client information network

  Water management

    • We provide technical and financial assistance and incentive for the creation of a long-term water management plan at the farm level.

   Water pumping program

    • Services are designed to assist producers to obtain water for domestic and livestock use.

   Water well restoration or replacement program 

    • Funded by energy company levies paid to ERCB and allows rural landowners an opportunity to have their water source, which they believe damaged by energy-related activities, to be considered for repair or replacement costs.

   Seniors home adaptation and repair program

    • This program provides low-interest home equity loans to help seniors finance necessary repairs, adaptations, and renovations to their homes. Water wells are included in the list of approved examples.

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One-Stop Destination for Commercial Drilling

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