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Superior Commercial Water Wells in Alberta and Saskatchewan

Are you in need of professional drillers for your commercial water wells in Alberta and Saskatchewan? Turn to Elk Point Drilling Corp today. We have been serving the community of Alberta and Saskatchewan since 1950. We use only the latest products and equipment to get the job done right the first time. We are the first drilling company in Western Canada to use stainless steel screens successfully. Whether you’re planning on well rehabilitation or well abandonment, we can help you with them all. Get in touch with us to learn more.

We have a reputation for quality! Elk Point Drilling Corp strives to live up to your expectations. Please visit our safety page for more info on our COR certification and HSE safety programs.

Commercial Drilling Services

From oilfield and industrial to commercial and municipal water well needs, we handle them all. Elk Point Drilling Corp is a federal carrier allowing unrestricted movement between provinces. Our commercial well drilling services include:

Wells, up to 20”, PVC or steel casing

Oilfield source wells

Groundwater monitoring/observation wells

Commercial/industrial/municipal water wells

Well rehabilitation

Well reclamation

Well abandonment

Dewatering projects

Test drilling

Aquifer testing

Electric logging and interpretation

Gamma logging and interpretation

Downhole video camera to 1000 feet

Pumps, ½ HP to 60 HP

Pump testing

Pump and VFD installations

Freeze holes

Wireline coring

Casing hammers

Drill thru diverters

Environmental services

Auger Services, hollow, and solid stem

Contamination sites

Geotechnical services

Various environmental sampling

Cathodic protection drilling

Piling hole pre-drilling

commercial drilling

Customized Corporate Drilling Services

The objective of a drilling project is to achieve accurate, quality core samples economically. Having worked in the industry for more than six decades, we know that it’s impossible or incorrect to generalize the client’s requirements. Our friendly and experienced team will listen to your concerns and customize the drill program to meet your goals while keeping regulatory and environmental requirements in mind. You can rely on us for:

Large and small diameter holes (2” to 16”)

Lined wells (machined PVC)

Mud rotary drilling

Screened wells (machined PVC and stainless steel)

Under-reamed wells

Air drilling

Auger drilling


Down-the-hole hammer

Dual rotary drilling (up to 16”)

Hammer drilling/casing hammer

Specialized Equipment

EPDC is versatile and can offer our clients different drilling alternatives, EPDC has a wide range of specialized equipment to handle almost any drilling project. It would be a shorter list to name equipment and drilling techniques we do not have. EPDC has the following specialized equipment available:

Complete drilling substructure to allow full BOPs to be used for installations where gas may be present

Boilers from 20 hp to 100 hp

Trailer with heated steamer and dry steam capabilities

Mobile office structures to allow on-site supervision and crew washroom facilities

Drill air compressor up to 1600 cfm

Dual rotary drive capabilities from 6” to 16” casing, utilizing an Errickson Equipment lower drive

Atlas 100-ton casing jacks for casing 6” to 16” diameter

Atlas R-4000 casing hammer to handle casing up to 16”

Atlas R-3000 casing hammer for casings up to 12”

Atlas Air Cyclone for air cutting control

Each rig is equipped with a dog house for winter usage

Wireline core capabilities, with drill ahead system

Heated core handling buildings

If you have any questions about the services we offer, feel free to call us for details.

Specialized Equipment

Customer Testimonial


" Elk Point Drilling installed the water well and monitoring well for industrial use on our property. We selected Elk Point because their budget to perform the work was better than other bids we received, and they executed the agreed scope of work within that budget, which speaks to their business integrity. We had some internal delays getting started, and Elk Point handled them with patience and flexibility. They were a one-stop shop for drilling the well, testing it, and preparing regulatory applications. We will continue to use them for any future well drilling applications. "

John B., Heartland Sulphur LP

Reliable Residential Drilling Experts

Providing Safe and Reliable Water for Your Family

Efficient Geothermal Well Drilling

Drilling and Sampling to Protect Our Environment